Extendicare Haliburton

Extendicare’s Statement regarding Notice of Action

For nearly 50 years, we have been caring for residents across Canada and our locations are currently home to more than 14,800 residents. We care deeply about the residents, clients and families that we serve, and our staff work hard to provide them with comfort, care, and compassion.

We do not believe this lawsuit has merit and intend to demonstrate this through the court process. Extendicare has very comprehensive programs which ensure that residents of its homes are appropriately cared for and conducts regular internal audits, external audits, and program evaluations to continuously improve, and our performance is shared publicly.

We reiterate our deep commitment to providing high-quality care to our residents and to doing better in any cases where we are thought to have fallen short of that goal. We work with our residents and families to address issues and concerns and it is unfortunate when they cannot be resolved.